Kent International Inc Bikes Bike Accessories & More

Kent International Inc Bikes Bike Accessories & More

Kent International Inc Bikes Bike Accessories & More

This bike manufacturer is known for producing adult bikes, kid’s bikes, and safety gear. The 26? Bayside Men’s bike and 26? Bayside Women’s Cruiser bikes are some of their best sellers. Like you cannot expect a high-end MTB from Kent, you also cannot expect a high-end road bike from them. Kent International prefers to use aluminum on its bike frames because of its strength. Aluminum can bear huge weight, tolerate aggressive riding, and withstand bad weather, which means it’s durable. Today, Kent International markets not only Kent bicycles and biking products but also Genesis, GMC, Jeep, and Razor bikes.

Most of the bikes’ seat posts feature a quick-release which allows you to adjust them to match your body size. Kent Bayside bicycles are quality cruiser bikes to meet your leisure riding needs. This road bike comes with a rigid hi-ten steel frame for aggressive cycling. It enjoys a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain that allows you to shift smoothly and 36-hole rims that give it unparalleled strength and natural toughness. are not just easy to fit, but they are also easy to ride.

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Safety is also assured with the pull handbrakes on the KentBayside cruiser Bicycles to get your bike to stop. The brakes and large 26? wheels with fenders will ensure you kent bike get to your destination safely and without too much dirt. With the frame directly affecting your standover height, you should get the appropriate frame size for you.

Kent bikes are exclusively made in the United States, even though some parts come from China. They also come with robust high-spoke wheels that can take all terrains. Kent uses cheap specs, which means the specs are less reliable for serious cycling. You cannot depend on them professionally unless you upgrade them, which could be costly.

Here are other cool features of the Kent Bayside bicycles you will enjoy once you get on the bike. Marin Bikes was founded in 1986 during the early days of mountain biking and today offers a complete line of mountain, pavement and kid's bikes. Their brakes are not high-end, but they are pretty reliable, specifically on dry land. They also come with robust wheels with high-traction tires to boss the off-road. Even though most Kent specs are decent in performance, they are far from high-end. Features like tires, pedals, and brakes may require you to upgrade them at some point.

Kent makes some pretty decent BMX bikes that can compete with the best there are. Their BMX bikes are strong in build, thanks to their hi-ten steel frames and compact designs. There are many aspects of that make them safe to ride. For one, the bikes come with highly responsive brakes that promise fast stopping, which is critical for your safety. On the other hand, Kent BMX bikes and road bikes have a racing geometry that promotes speed and riding efficiency. For cyclists looking for a cruiser to commute to work and enjoy leisurely rides, the Kent Bayside bikes are an excellent choice to consider.